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Unpacking your stamp and removing instructions

Colors of Ink to use Ideas and advise

A lot of clients ask what color should I use while we recomond you first find out if there are any set standards In your country if you have the freedom to choose following are some sound advise you can use while considering what color to use.


While this is the most common used in the world, I would if possible stay away from it as it just looks like a photocopied document or just plain. There is no pop as when using some of the colors below, unless nesasary stay away form this color.


Here is a nice alternative to black it stand out and is not so distracting however it has that pleasant association with the beautfull sky. Most frequently used with Signature stamps, Bank Stamps, Deposit stamps, as well as teacher stamps


Red convoys a sense of urgency and stands out and screams DEAL WITH ME ! These should be used on office stamps to get attention and allow the reader the clear impression that action needs to be taken now. Use with immediate action stamps, urgent office stamps, some date stamps, and teacher stamps. Also used in "rejection" stamps


Orange provoke action as well as not conveying a harshness other wise reserved for RED.    Office stamps teacher stamps past due reminders.


Green Nothing stoothes the eyes like green does this is best used with a positive reinforcement. Geen give the sense of acceptance and to the reader and works well with research papers Paid Stamps teacher stamps bank stamps, nothing so gives the sense of calm and acceptance as green reserved for only the finer stamps in the world.


purple or violet is a perfect combination when wanting to express authority presence. perhaps and inspected stamp or seal. these are most often used for notary bank stamps engineers. it is best when paper is the medium we've also seen allot in the arts and craft stamps.